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Custom Golf Carts

Golf carts are designed by the manufacturer to transport people and golf clubs around 18 holes of golf. But today, customers are using golf carts for a variety of uses that take them far off the nice, manicured greens!
T-Dawg’s Kuntry Karts specializes in custom building a golf cart to the customer’s specifications. Customization can be as simple as adding a cargo box to the cart or as elaborate as a frame off restoration that includes upgrading the motor and controller and adding a custom painted body. Kuntry Karts takes that stock golf cart and makes sure it will deliver on what the customer wants. From recreational use to working on the farm, each golf cart is outfitted specifically to the situation that it will be facing.

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Batteries are one of the most important aspects of today’s electric golf cart. T-Dawg’s Kuntry Karts has spent several years evaluating various brands and has chosen to be a dealer for Continental Batteries and their Trojan product line.

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Drag racing began in the early 1950s when teenagers wanting to show off their mechanical skills, went head to head with their rebuilt, horse-powered infused cars on a ¼ mile of road.
Some 60 years later, drag racing has evolved into a competitive sport with big name sponsors and legions of fans.
So it’s not surprising that a group of golf cart professionals have banned together to push the limits on performance and speed. Distributed across the United States, supporters of the National Golf Kart Racing Association (NGKRA) are constantly challenging each other to build a golf cart that goes faster! Formed in 2009, the NGKRA’s mission is to increase public awareness of golf cart performance and encourage the advancement of golf carts through competition. The NGKRA is over 150 members strong and holds sanctioned events throughout the South and Southeast.

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T-Dawg's Kuntry Karts offers sales and service for Yamaha, Club Car and EZ-Go golf carts in East Texas. We specialize in refurbishing and customizing golf carts for a variety of uses. Whether its for golfing, hunting or everyday chores, we can build a cart to fit your needs.